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My Chemist business has evolved well over one and half decade and is currently well established in the business of health care & beauty care product categories in Sri Lanka. As an importer of high quality health & Beauty products it has earned a great deal of confidence and trust among its customers.

Our Products

I use Basicare Products every single day. Far exceeds any chapstick out there. Works well on very dry feet as well. Many uses for this product. Can't go without it!

Works great for my hair! My color stays well, doesn't fade. Smells great. Make my hair smooth and not too heavy. Very nice!

Gives my face much needed hint of color. Not too dark, not too light, just right! Has SPF in it so my skin is protected and I don't have to add another step since it's already in there! Very nice. 

 Derma Veen ,It smooths it out so well, almost feels like it has a primer in it. Dry skin completely vanishes! Knees, elbows, and heels are quickly relieved! Very nice.

Perfect place to by the beauty products they gave me a free dilivery too!! thank you MYCHEMIST

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Using Thymuskin is very easy. Wash your hair with Thymuskin Shampoo and leave it on for a short while before rinsing. Dry your hair as usual afterwards.…

Choosing the right blush and how to apply it

We will explain you how to choose the correct brush and how to use it to get the correct out put from that. Very easy steps and you can do it from home.

Basicare Fundamental

The very Basic this of using the basicare fundamentals will be explain from this. it is very easy and user friendly products only from us

Beauty by Rosh explains them all

Basicare Cosmetic Brushes and how to use them! Beauty by Rosh explains them all!

Basicare Sri Lanka

Chantelle from the Basicare Beauty Studio show us how to apply primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder using Basicare Cosmetic Tools!