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Are you looking for the perfect concealer makeup? Where can you find affordably priced, world renowned brands of camouflage makeup products in Sri Lanka? Is there any way to get beauty products online in Sri Lanka?

Login to www.mychemist.lk to find the best beauty products online in Sri Lanka, conveniently, easily and at affordable prices!

KRYOLAN Germany has developed its range of dedicated preparations for special camouflage application and has introduced this product range the name DERMACOLOR Camouflage make ups.

Derma Color in Sri Lanka available for purchase through the MyChemist online store.

Derma Color Sri Lanka beauty products are available in a variety of camouflage crème palettes and as foundation, and are used to create incredible makeup creations. Derma Color products are dermatologically tested and are ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) Certified, which means that the products have been allergy friendly quality tested and the cosmetics can be used by people with sensitive skin, so you can be sure that beauty products by Derma Color in Sri Lanka will not cause any skin allergies or irritations.

You can get the following Derma Color Sri Lanka Makeup Products online in Sri Lanka for camouflage makeup system, through the MyChemist.lk online store.
  • Dermacolor Camouflage Crème (concealer &foundation)
  • Dermacolor Camouflage Palette & Foundation
  • Dermacolor Fixing Powder
  • Dermacolor Fixing Spray

  • -Dermacolor Camouflage Crème ,Palette and foundation Great extent of cover and high quality. Suitability for tropical use and Capability of mixing all the colors with each other.

    -Dermacolor Fixing Powder Enhances the hydrophobic properties of the Camouflage make-up.

-Dermacolor fixing Spray Spraying on Dermacolor fixing Spray to the finished camouflage significantly strengthen the smudging resistance of the camouflage. The spray, however, must be applied after the powder has been applied. Another benefit of application of the spray distinctly enhances protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Makeup Products by Derma Color in Sri Lanka are fragrance free and vegan, with prolonging qualities that keep you looking beautiful and exotic for much longer than other makeup products in Sri Lanka.

DERMACOLOR Camouflage preparations are waterproof and heat-resistant, and they protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. They are durable for up to 36 hours, even under extreme conditions such as swimming, heat, and physical exertion.

Derma Color is a brand of Kryolan Professional Make-up, a company founded in 1945 in Germany by a young chemical laboratory assistant named Arnold Langer, who first earned pocket money by making soaps and creams and selling them. Kryolan was one of the first cosmetics brands in the world, and have been in the industry for 75 years. The company uses their own formulae and recipes to create their products and are innovating all the time.

Derma Color makeup products in Sri Lanka are only available at www.mychemist.lk, who have partnered with Kryolan Germany since 2005 to import the best brands of high quality makeup products to Sri Lanka. Mychemist International Pvt Ltd has been the Authorized agent for Derma Color in SriLanka.

You can now order your Derma Color Makeup products online in Sri Lanka through www.mychemist.lk conveniently and easily, and get them delivered anywhere in Sri Lanka, right to your doorstep absolutely free of charge, or arrange pick from their store. What’s more, you have the option of paying online through credit or debit card, or cash on delivery.

Order your Derma Color makeup and beauty products online in Sri Lanka now through www.mychemist.lk!

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