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The Antioxidant Benefits Of Milk Thistle For Your Liver

Today, doctors suggest milk thistle and the extract silymarin for optimal liver health. The rate of death by liver disease continues to rise. Therefore understanding the power of this plant could help save the liver.

What’s milk thistle anyway?

Milk thistle is a thorny plant that can grow up to 10 feet high. The plant is native to California. However, milk thistle grows in similar climates around the world. The name comes from the milk-like substance secreted when the leaves are crushed. The plant creates a bulb with beautiful pink flowers. Milk thistle users include breastfeeding moms, people with digestive issues, and those looking for skincare treatments.

The hidden power of thistle

All parts of the plant can be used for teas, oils, and powders. But the silymarin extract may arguably be the most potent part. The flowers each produce several seeds when dried. By grinding the seeds, people have been able to extract the compound silymarin. Silymarin is a flavonoid with powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic qualities. Researchers have observed silymarin’s strong connection to the cells of the liver.

Impacting the liver

The liver is the largest internal organ and the body’s blood purifier. From absorbing nutrients to detoxifying the body, humans depend heavily on this vital organ. Everything consumed passes through the liver. This includes alcohol, prescription drugs, pesticides, processed foods, and heavy metals found in water. These factors mean the liver works harder than ever before. Milk thistle’s antioxidant properties protect the liver in several ways.

Detoxifying the liver

The liver works in two detoxifying stages. The first stage transforms enzymes passing through into free radicals. Then the antioxidant glutathione attaches to the free radicals. This helps the body remove dangerous compounds naturally. Silymarin helps regenerate and maintain high levels of glutathione. This, in turn, helps detox the liver itself.

Disease treatment and prevention

Diseases including hepatitis, psoriasis, and jaundice, have been linked to liver damage. Studies show a silymarin extract helps treat conditions like hepatitis C., without proper care, the liver itself can be prone to fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and liver failure. Silymarin helps protein synthesis and creates a protective layer on cells to prevent future damage. Similar research revealed pre-treatment with silymarin prevented liver damage by several harmful toxins.

Liver healing and regeneration

Milk thistle helps stop oxidative stress and free radical damage in the liver. Research shows milk thistle restores damaged cells. Silymarin also protects the liver against damage from alcohol and some prescription drugs. Many people believe the liver needs no help and detoxes itself. While this is a strong rationale, the liver will continue to suffer damage if not taken care of.

Care for your liver today

Consider using a potent milk thistle extract to protect and detox the liver. This fantastic natural herb helps young persons maintain liver health. And after age 40, the detox power of the liver slows down. So regardless of age, milk thistle aids with prevention as well as repair. A healthy liver does not only mean healthy blood. Additional benefits include the spleen, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems. Check with a pharmacist or doctor for the right dosage of milk thistle to detox the liver.