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Signature Brow-Gauger Point (Item Code 5002)

LKR 765.00 LKR 850.00

High -quality stainless steel, Precision easy - view angled tips, Measuring gauge, and Drawstring pouch included.

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  • Island wide delivery
  • Cash on delivery

Crafted in high-quality stainless steel. While some tweezers shear the hair off, causing hair to grow back more quickly, these tweezers have the perfect tip to grab every hair, every time. The slant tip is the ideal angle for working against the brow bone. Alternatively, flip the tweezers over and use the pointed end to tackle stubble and fine hairs. Always tweeze in the direction of the hair growth, smoothly pulling one hair at a time at the root to avoid breakage. 

For best results: Apply a warm compress to the area to help open the pores and minimize discomfort. Use cold water to close pores between tweezing. 

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