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Beauty is not just skin deep!

Everyone is beautiful in their own special way, and with the busy lifestyles these days, it takes a little bit of an extra effort to keep staying beautiful and healthy. This is why we need some additional help to keep our skin, hair and body energized, hydrated and looking gorgeous and young.

If your lifestyle keeps you too busy to go out shopping in search of the best beauty products available in the market, how do you keep up with the rest of the world? The answer is to easily and conveniently buy your beauty products online in Sri Lanka through www.mychemist.lk.

The MyChemist store has a wide array of beauty products online in Sri Lanka, imported from some of the best brands from around the world, and at very affordable prices. Get the world’s most renowned brands of beauty products straight to your doorstep with just the click of a button from the comfort of your home or office.

Fix Derma is a world renowned brand of beauty care available on the MyChemist online store. When looking for beauty products online in Sri Lanka, make sure you check out the product range offered by Fix Derma.

Fix Derma products are manufactured to international quality standards and are not tested on animals. They follow ethical best practices, effective formulation, the latest technology and use the highest quality raw materials to create high end quality beauty products.

While there are so many beauty products available online in Sri Lanka, you can be assured that Fix Derma is made to the very best quality standards, and their products,
  • Do not use artificial colouring
  • - Are paraben free
  • Are silicon Free
  • Are Dermatologically tested
  • Are hypoallergenic, and 100% safe on all skin types
  • FDA approved

Fix Derma offers the following beauty products online in Sri Lanka through the MyChemist Store.

  • Body Care Products Moisturising Creams and Lotions, Foot Care Creams, Stretch Mark Creams, Anti-Rash Creams, Hygiene Wash, Mother Care Products
  • Hair Care Products Shampoos, Conditioners, Anti-Dandruff Treatments, Hair-Fall Treatments
  • Face Care Products Acne Treatments, Face Cleansers, Fairness Creams and Soaps, Anti-Scar Gels, Moisturisers, Under Eye Creams
  • Sunscreen Sunscreen Lotions, Creams, gels and Sprays for both Children and Adults.

Fix Derma is a brand of Fix Derma India (Pvt) Ltd, a company that has been in the manufacture of beauty products for a number of years. The company boasts of a highly sophisticated, stateof-the-art manufacturing plant in Rajasthan, India, with in-house quality control and stringent quality testing and the very best in research and development, to bring this high quality internationally renowned product into the market.

The next time you are looking for beauty products online in Sri Lanka, simply login to www.mychemist.lk and order your Fix Derma products online through their store. It is the safest and most convenient way to buy your beauty products online in Sri Lanka.

Delivery for orders made through the MyChemist online store is absolutely free to anywhere in Sri Lanka, and will take 2-4 working days. Payment can be made either online or through the Cash on Delivery service.

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Stay healthy! Stay safe!