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Not everyone has the time to visit the salon on a daily basis and most of us have to make do with what we have at home. How do you get that salon style look without actually visiting a salon? Where can you find beauty products online in Sri Lanka?

The answer to your problem is www.mychemist.lk! Now you can order all your beauty products online in Sri Lanka through the MyChemist online store, easily, conveniently and at affordable prices.

One of the best brands of beauty products available is Basicare in Sri Lanka.

Basicare Accessories in Sri Lanka and a wide range of Basicare Cosmetics tools in Sri Lanka are available through the MyChemist online Store.

Basicare accessories and cosmetics in Sri Lanka are made to European accredited standards and endorsements, and are manufactured with superior quality materials, but at consumerfriendly retail prices. Products by Basicare in Sri Lanka will help you get that salon quality look in no time at all, right from the comfort of your own home, and at only a fraction of the cost. That is a part of the Basicare Sri Lanka guarantee.

Through the MyChemist online store you can buy the world’s most complete range of personal care accessories created by Basicare in Sri Lanka, and getting your beauty products online in Sri Lanka has never been easier or safer.

The following Basicare accessories and cosmetics in Sri Lanka, are available thought the MyChemist online store.

-Beauty Implements - Personal beauty care accessories and tools such as applicators, sponges, and so much more

-Manicure & Pedicure Implements – Essential manicure and pedicure tools to keep your hands and feet looking beautiful and feeling soft and luxurious.

-Men’s Grooming – Men need to look good too! Basicare accessories in Sri Lanka include a range of men’s grooming tools to keep the gentlemen out there looking wellgroomed and handsome.

-Bath & Body – Bath and body accessories such as luxurious Loofahs to keep you feeling rejuvenated, glowing and beautiful.

-Hair accessories – From combs and brushes to non-tangle bands, Basicare Sri Lanka offers a wide range of items to keep your hair looking beautifully groomed and in-style for any occasion.

-Travel kits & accessories - Keep looking beautiful and fresh on the move with our travel kits and accessories. Who says you can’t look lovely ALL THE TIME! -Home & Health – Don’t let germs get the better of you! Keep yourself and your family healthy and safe with a range of Hand Sanitizers and other Home & Health products from Basicare in Sri Lanka.

-Eyelashes - Enhance the look of your natural eyelashes with our Eyelash Extensions. Basicare Signature Professional beauty care accessories - Professional range of beauty tools and brushes to create high-tech professional style.

Basicare is a brand manufactured by Influx Industry Inc, originating in France and having their presence in over 30 countries around the world. The team at Basicare are dedicated and passionate, and the company excels in constantly creating innovative products that are of high quality, but at affordable prices. Basicare is also a member of the 1% for the Planet Organization, donating 1% of Basicare Green line gross revenue to non-profit organizations working towards protecting the future of our planet.

MyChemist and Influx Industry Inc have been partners since 2006, making available Basicare accessories and cosmetics tools makeup tools in Sri Lanka to its discerning clientele for many years

You can order Basicare beauty products and Cosmetics tools online in Sri Lanka through www.mychemist.lk, safely and conveniently, with delivery anywhere in the country, completely free of charge, and the option of paying online or through cash on delivery.

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