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Omega-3 fatty acids are important in achieving optimal health for you and your family. Referred to as essential fats, or the “good” types of fat, we know we should be enjoying as many Omega-3 rich meals as possible – especially as the human body doesn’t produce any on its own.

These tasty fatty acids support your heart health by keeping your heartbeat regular and your blood pressure normal. Omega-3 also normalises and regulates unhealthy cholesterol triglyceride levels, which is a blood fat linked to heart disease. If a happy and healthy heart isn’t enough, these fatty acids are also good for osteoarthritis, inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders.

Your child’s learning and behaviour could be impacted positively from an Omega-3 rich diet as well. Omega-3 oils help maintain healthy dopamine levels, increase nerve cell growth and even improve cerebral circulation in the brain – meaning your child’s brain is properly nurtured and supported to run at full capacity. Research has also found that children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or learning disabilities are more likely to have low Omega-3 levels. All the more reason to make sure you’re keeping intake high.