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Riyomac 3 in One hair Oil

LKR 495.00

100% Natural, pure Sri Lankan solution for hair. Almond, Olive, Castoroils are the best nutrition of the world for the scalp.These oils are mixed together on the recipe and presented to you in Riyomac 3 in one hair oil.

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Riyomac 3 in one oil is thought to support hair growth and reduce hair loss by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp Apply on the scalp and hairRiyomac Oil not only stops the greying of hair but also conditions Almond, olive oil, and castor are the best nutrition for revitalizing the scalp, keeps hair moisturized, and boosts hair growth, and treats scalp infectionsthe hair for a healthful shine.

We identified four major problems about hair.

  • Untimely hair loss.
  • Heavy dandruff.
  • Gray hair.
  • Not enough nutrition to hair.


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