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Angled Flat Contour & Blush Brush (Item Code 5025)

LKR 2,590.00

Flawless contouring, Powders, bronzer, blush, Cruelty-free, synthetic bristles.

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Possibly the most important beauty tool that you could ever own. With proper care, these high-quality makeup brushes will last a lifetime.

Use this SIGNATURE Angled Flat Contour & Blush for defined contouring during makeup application. Its straight-sided head with its densely packed manicured angled flat top is perfect for the application of flawless cheek color. Made with incredibly dense, yet soft synthetic bristles that tend not to soak up a product, so not depositing too much to the face. It can also be used with liquid, powder & cream formulations for a defined sculpted finish. 

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